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Peer-to-Peer Group

A Place to Stand is sponsoring a peer-to-peer support group for homeless or formerly homeless individuals. This allows an opportunity for sharing experiences and resources.   APTS will provide space for the meetings and contribute refreshments and other resources for this group.  For more information contact us.

Health Services

We’re excited to be working with Homestretch and Center for Health and Human Rights (CHHR). Together we are providing health services to those with inadequate health coverage.  Serving the northern VA area.

Community Garden

We’re hoping for a short winter.  APTS is looking forward to gardening in the spring at Homestretch in Falls Church, Virginia.  This garden will serve formerly homeless families who are in need of affordable, healthy food.

APTS desires to raise public awareness to the problems of homelessness and programs being discussed and implemented throughout the United States. Below are links to Blogs, at which the issue can be discussed, and articles and resources from others regarding these issues.


A Place to BlogNational Homeless.org:Building a Movement to End Homelessness

Recent Articles

L.A. Declares “State of Emergency” On Homelessness, Commits $100 Million

Surge in Homelessness Tests Wisconsin Capital’s Welcoming Spirit

San Francisco Firefighters Become Unintended Safety Net for the Homeless

Suggested Readings

MacDonald, D. (January 19, 1963). Our Invisible Poor. The New Yorker.

Lepore, J. (September 2012). How a New Yorker Article Launched the First Shot in the War Against Poverty. Smithsonian Magazine.

Kozol, J. (1988). Rachel and Her Children: Homeless Families in America.

Suggested Viewing

A Place at the Table [Motion Picture].Goldman, J., Harrington, R., Jacobson, K., Silverbush, L. (Producers), & Jacobson, K., Silverbush, L. (Directors). (2012) United States: Magnolia

Food, Inc. [Motion Picture]. Pearlstein, E. (Producer), & Kenner, R. (Director). (2008). USA: Magnolia

Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County [TV Movie]. Nevins, S. (Producer), & Pelosi, A. (Director).(2010). USA: HBO

Down and Out in America. [TV Movie]. Fuery, J. (Producer), & Grant, L. (Director). (1986). USA: HBO.

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