A Place to Thrive

The purpose of A Place to Thrive is to provide participants with case management services to assist them in increasing their self-sufficiency, self-efficacy and financial stability. This is done by providing services in a holistic manner, wherein the case manager works with the participant collaboratively to develop a customized plan tailored to meet the participant’s needs.

What is case management? Case management is a collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet the client’s health and human service needs.

The participant/client is considered the expert of their life experiences. The case manager is the expert of resources and support. Together they form a team to tackle the barriers impeding the participant’s ability to achieve self-sufficiency, self-efficacy and financial stability.

In order for a person to be eligible for case management services through a Place to Thrive, they must meet the current eligibility criteria:

  1. Must have a child(ren) 18 years or younger residing with them that they are the parent or legal guardian of; or
  2. Have an adult child with special needs as defined by the Social Security Administration that they are the parent or guardian of and that adult child resides with them; or
  3. Have an adult child between the ages of 19-22 that has a current IEP and is still attending a secondary school that they are the parent or guardian of and that adult child resides with them.
And their family is…
  1. Homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Fairfax County; or
  2. Live in Fairfax County and paying more than 30% of their income to housing costs (rent and utilities); or
  3. Total Household Income is 200% or below the current Federal poverty level; or
  4. Unemployed or underemployed.
Enrollment Process
  1. Referral is made by CBO, Social Worker, Mental Health Counselor, Physician, Head Start Worker or Teacher of participant to be enrolled to APTS Director of Case Management Services.
  2. Once the referral is received an assessment is scheduled to verify participant meets all eligibility criteria.
  3. If the participant is found eligible then a determination is made as to which case management program they will be enrolled into. Currently, APTS offers two case management program models under A Place to Thrive.

  4. General case management program
    -offers participants a more basic and less intense support service program. This program is heavily referral based. Participants in this program are able to independently follow-up on referrals given. Program duration is shorter.

    Intensive case management program – participants in this program meet more frequently and have increased service support. A goal plan is developed and approved. Participants in this program qualify for our stipend program by actively attending, engaging and completing assigned activities/tasks. This program lasts up to 12 months. Emphasis on employment, health and education remains the primary focus in guiding these participants to self-sufficiency.

    *Please note:
    In the event there are no current openings on any of APTS case management roster, the applicant will be placed on a waitlist. Once an opening comes up, applicants will be called to reassess eligibility.

    Once determination is made as to which program a participant will be placed an orientation meeting is scheduled where the participant completes the final enrollment paperwork (i.e. APTS client application, release of information, media/photo releases, communication, program rules,etc.) with the assigned case manager.